Thursday, December 10, 2009

Retarded Robots?

Usually when you're a kid, going shopping with parents isn't the most exciting to do item on your list. But you know what? Other than having to stand around the boring clothes section at Woolworths and at Kresges, waiting for mom to purchase garments and whatever else, i liked shopping. I remember dad buying a bike at Robinsons for my brother. Actually i can't remember if the purchase was made there. It was so long ago and sadly those three stores are long gone from downtown. Along with the Eaton Centre where women with a hot pair of legs worked the elevators. Those are some of my fondest memories of shopping downtown. Those, and mom deciding to feel sorry for me and giving me a shiny Quarter! I never knew if i would be getting the quarter. Most of the time i did. That currency, adorned with the head of the queen on one side and a moose head on the other was my all access pass to PacMan or Dig Dug Or Donkey Kong Or sorry bro i forgot the game you always played. Either Centipede orGalaxian.

What i'm trying to ask here is, does this still happen to kids nowdays??? Or are kids just retarded robots who will never feel nostalgia when they get older?

Vanilla Assassin

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