Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wolfenstein RPG (iPod Touch):HAPPY GAMING With Vanilla Assassin

Here comes another killer game for the iPod Touch in the form of Wolfenstein RPG. For all you freaks and geeks who miss that old dingy-awesome Wolfenstein 3D, you'll love this incarnation of the game.
The sound of the doors clanking shut, brought back old memories and so did the maze style levels and the portraits of Hitler on the wall. Only in the RPG version you can punch Hitler's portrait-face to a pulp.
This game is turn based so your enemies have the same amount of movements allotted to them, as you took, i.e. you take a shot, they take a shot.
The fun factor is totally there and the graphics are smooth, chunky and pumped-up compared to the original. Once you look through the controls they become intuitive and work well. There's even a "cross pad" for direction on the screen with which you move around.
I purchased this game for $2.99, which was quite a steal. It could have easily been priced at $9.99.

Any of you iPod Touch or Phone fans out there who are on the fence about this game and have not purchased it, DO IT. NOW.

Happy Gaming,
Vanilla Assassin

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