Monday, April 6, 2009

Life And Level Review

So a little while ago i stumbled upon a RAD website which some say is dedicated to either gaming or good ol fashioned torture or a little bit of both.
The premise behind this site is that two psychopaths who make any leather wearing, chain wielding, stiletto wearing Madam look like "Hugs N Kisses" the Care Bear, compete against each other handicapped ie. zapped by two thousand volts of electricity, taped together, or most recently filling themselves with evil medicines that will make anybody crap themselves. The loser is forced to perform whatever the Noob wheel tells him to do ie. sniff spices, use his ass as a dart cushion. You know, birthday party type games from early grade school days.
This site is a mix of education, grossness, pain, terror, romance, suspense, disbelief. Recently i had to cringe when Josh took a toe to his "Sack" while more recently Johnny took some darts to his cheeks. After the darts were removed from his ass, it reminded me of a kangaroo disfigured and mangled in a gruesome porsche accident in a French tunnel.

If you feel like some laughs and cringing, head over to
If you throw up or your mind becomes scarred for life don't blame me. Have fun.

Vanilla Assassin

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